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The Office of Off-Campus Student Affairs (OCSA) extends community building and learning beyond the campus of the George Washington University by providing resources, services and programs designed to assist and guide students in navigating the process of moving from residential living on campus to independent living in the surrounding community. Our office is committed to educating students on how to become active and responsible members of the surrounding community.

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Snow Removal Policies in the District of Columbia: WINTER HAS ARRIVED!!!

Snow Removal Policies in the District of Columbia: WINTER HAS ARRIVED!!!

Be prepared for this winter by purchasing items such as snow shovels and Ice Melt now, before a storm hits and the stores are sold out!

  • The District requires all property owners to maintain their sidewalks, walkways, and similar areas free of snow and sleet. The District's requirements regarding snow removal are set forth in 2006 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC)  302.3 and DC Official Code 9-601-9-607.
  • 2006 IPMC 302.3: Requires property owners to maintain sidewalks, similar areas, free of hazardous conditions.
  • DC Official Code 9-601: Requires entities (owner, occupant, tenant or lessee) to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, handicap ramps and steps abutting their property within the first 8 daylight hours after snow, sleet or ice stop falling. If an owner fails to comply with the law, the Mayor will remove the snow and file suit against the owner to recover the costs.

"Being a Good Neighbor" Online Training---Extended

"Being a Good Neighbor" Mandatory Online Training

To get started with the program, click the link below (you will be asked to log into MyGW) and then click on the blue "play" button below the orientation title to view the training.

Begin the "Being a Good Neighbor" Orientation---On Campus Student                                                                    

Begin the "Being a Good Neighbor" Orientation---Off Campus Student

If you have questions or need additional information about the orientation, please contact the Center for Student Engagement at engage@gwu.edu or by phone at (202) 994-6555.