Welcome to Off-Campus Student Affairs!

Sunrise over the US Capitol Building

The Office of Off-Campus Student Affairs (OCSA) extends community building and learning beyond the campus of the George Washington University by providing resources, services and programs designed to assist and guide students in navigating the process of moving from residential living on campus to independent living in the surrounding community. Our office is committed to educating students on how to become active and responsible members of the surrounding community.

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Be A Good Neighbor In Person Training

One of the great benefits of attending The George Washington University is our location in the Foggy Bottom/West End and Foxhall communities.  We enjoy numerous cultural activities as well as excellent shopping, restaurants, and entertainment opportunities. As a member of the GW, Foggy Bottom/West End and Foxhall communities, we all have a responsibility to be good citizens and good neighbors.

We would like to formally invite you to one of our "Being A Good Neighbor" Orientations. This will provide you with not only more information about the DC and local communities, but you will have the opportunity ask questions about living in the Foggy Bottom/West End and Foxhall communities but also any additional questions about DC you may have. Food and refreshments will be provided.


  • August 31st, 2017                   6pm          District House B117           Register 


  • September  12th, 2017           6pm           District House B117         Register 


  • September 18th, 2017            6pm           District House B117         Register