Finding a Home

Finding a home in the District of Columbia can be an exciting, yet stressful process. The resources contained here will help you make a decision on which neighborhood to call home.

Begin Your Search

GW's Off-Campus Housing website is an excellent first step to finding housing options. You can find listings for both undergraduate and graduate students, and there are message boards and other resources to assist your search.

Apartments in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia- A non-exhaustive list of apartment complexes near the Foggy Bottom campus and nearby suburbs in Maryland and Virginia

Some other resources that may be useful in your search:

Local Rental Agencies

Furniture Rental

Resources for International Students

Local publications featuring rental information:

Temporary/Short-Term Housing Options

Please note that this list is provided for convenience. The university does not endorse or recommend third party sites.


Apartment Checklist

For first time apartment hunters, checking out potential places can be a daunting task. Below is a checklist of things to remember about each place you visit to help you make a smart comparison and an informed choice.

Apartment Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

These resources are designed to help domestic and international graduate students navigate the housing search and leasing process in Washington, DC.